Finally, a long-term dad storage solution

We've all been there before. Sometimes you just have an unwanted dad on your hands and nowhere to put him. Well the Dads Inn is here for you! For thirty-five years we've made housing unwanted dads our mission -- our ONLY mission. That's all we do!

Dads check inn; they don't check out!

Our top-of-the-line security system makes sure that no dad makes it outside our doors without the supervision of an armed guard. You won't have to worry about your dad getting lost or, god forbid, returning unwanted to your home. When a dad moves into Dads Inn, you can be safe in the knowledge that he's here to stay!

A humane alternative

Other dad solutions are unsavory to many. We recognize that although our residents have seen better days, there must have been a time when someone loved them. And in recognition of that, we make sure that our dads' days are filled with wholesome, enriching activities such as: