The Dads Inn hosts events, mixers, commemorations, gatherings, and funerals for its residents throughout the year.

The 23rd Annual Dads Inn Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Day Dance

February 14th, 7 - 10pm

Invite your estranged daughter to our annual dance to celebrate the unique relationship between father and daughter! As usual, the dance will be hosted by our very own former professional radio DJ Mike Kowalcek. He promises he'll be spinning "all of the late seventies' greatest daddy-daughter classics."

Daughter attendance has been disappointing in past years, but event coordinator John Walters says he's been making repeated phone calls to his daughters Helena and Jamie and is sure that they would agree to come if their mother would just put them on the phone and let him explain what happened in Orlando.

Punch and refreshments will be served in the Ballroom/Conference Center.